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This highlights a trip I made to Quebec from 16-20 October 2002.


  • 14 OCT - Boston, MA, US
  • 16 OCT - Couticook and Valcourt, Quebec
  • 17 OCT - Valcourt, Quebec City, L'Ange-Gardien, and Montreal, Quebec
  • 18-20 OCT - Montreal and suburbs (Lachanie, Terrebonne, La Prairie, Point-Aux-Trembles)

    Monday, October 14th, I had a very nice visit with Kim Roussin, who is a decsendant of Antoine, Eugene Xavier Roussin's grandfather.

    Oct 16th I met with Marc Roussin who lives about an hour+ from Valcourt, where Antoine Roussin lived and Bruno, Eugene Xavier Roussin's father grew up and was married. Marc had some genealogy information - his lineage splits with mine after Louis, Nicolas's son. (our ancestor is Joseph Paschal Roussin, his is Jacques Roussin). Spent the afternoon and following morning in Valcourt. I found out that Antoine is buried in the cemetary by the church in Valcourt - no marker, but located in a Roussin plot of a few graves, most likely next to his son, Joseph Zephirin, Bruno's brother. The church, built in 1869, I was sure was where Bruno was married. However, I found out that it commenced construction in 1869 but was completed in 1875 (Bruno was married in July 1871) - possibly used before completed, but probably not in 1871. I did narrow down when Bruno emigrated to the US - Eugene Xavier Roussin was born in 1887 in Tiverton, and Bruno had a son baptized in Valcourt in 1881. I received documents on Antoine's funeral/death, Bruno's marriage, Zephirin's funeral/death (Bruno's brother) and baptism of Bruno's son, (Pepere's brother) Joseph Louis Bruno. They would not let me photocopy the originals since the documents are old, but I did get some still shots from the camcorder. I'll list the info here:
    1. Bruno Roussin, son of Antoine Roussin and Clemence Quevillon, married Julie Goddue 18 July 1871 at St. Joseph D'Ely in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada.
    2. Joseph Louis Bruno Roussin, son of Bruno Roussin and Julie Roussin (Goddue), born on 22 October 1881 and baptized 23 October 1881 at St. Joseph D'Ely in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada.
    3. Antoine Roussin, (died or funeral was held) on 18 March 1895 at the age of 94 years. He was the spouse of Clemence Couvillon (NOTE spelling of last name different and records are from the same church)
    4. Zephirin Roussin (Bruno's brother) died 15 March 1915, funeral 17 March 1915, at the age of 78 years. He was the spouse of Elisa LaFlamme.

    October 17th I then proceeded to Quebec City and picked up Pierre Roussin, a very distant relative (our lineage splits off about 8 generations back), who I had corresponded with about genealogical information. We proceeded to L'Ange Gardien, where the original ancestors settled. There is a large monument to the original settlers with N. Roussin listed (Nicolas). We also found the land that was originally owned by Jean and Nicolas. Pierre has a very detailed book written about the area, so if it was not for him, I would not have found the land sites.

    Then off to Montreal the evening of October 17th. I found a modest bed and breakfast listing and had called ahead - they said they had room and I did not need a reservation.
    I was able to locate the record of the marriage of Joseph (Louis-Joseph) Roussin, born 1763, to Married Madeleine (Magdalene?) Bouchard at Notre Dame de Montreal on 24 November 1783, Quebec, Canada. The cathedral is on the site of the church where they were married.
    I also found where Joseph Pascal Roussin was baptized on 13 October 1736 at Saint-Charles-De-Lachenaie. The current church is on the site of the original church.
    I went to Terrebonne, where Antoine was married, but did not find the church. It was a miserable day, so my motivation was not terribly high.
    On October 18th I went to Communautaire Roussin, a community center in Point-Aux-Trembles, now part of Montreal on the eastern side. This was originally College Roussin, named after Father Joseph Octave Roussin, who headed the parish at the time. I am not sure of the exact relationship between him and us - although I am sure we are not direct descendants :-) The college was built 1907-1914 and became a community center in the mid-80s. The director gave me an introduction to the community center, which he graciously let me videotape. I then asked if I could look around the building and he arranged for his deputy director to give me a tour the following day. The place is huge and covers a city block. It has many activities, indoor pool, gym, etc. She spent close to 2 hours showing me around. see photos below.

    October 20th I went to mass at La Prairie - the one church is beautiful and was built in the 1800s, the other more modern. I did not find any more info on Joseph Paschal Roussin there.

    I have some still photo shots of the church in Valcourt, (see under Bruno on main page for the church pics) gravesites there, the cathedral in Montreal, the monument at L'Ange-Gardien (on the main page), and the Roussin community center. I also have video of all the locations mentioned in this report.