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Wilfrid Octave Roussin was born an identical twin on 9 February 1921 in Tiverton, Rhode Island, and was one of 8 siblings, his twin being Romeo Jean-Baptiste Roussin. He spent most of his childhood in Fall river, Massachusetts, attending Blessed Sacrament elementary school and Prevost High School, where the twins were always first and second in their class. Both schools taught in French and English - the morning in one language, the afternoon in the other language.

After High School Wilfrid worked in the mill until he enlisted to fight in World War II. Due to his hearing impairment he argued for an hour to get the Army to accept him. He began his tour of duty in Persia as a crane operator unloading ships for the Russian troops. Later on, in Marseilles, he was a prison guard. As he loved the sport of baseball he taught boys in Marseilles baseball while stationed there. When he used to say he helped win the war I would retort if it weren't for him we would have won the war 6 months sooner. His twin brother, Romey used to say Wilfrid was extremely quick, due to the command "Fire at Will"

As a teenager and in his twenties he loved playing baseball as catcher for his team. He has always been an avid Red Sox fan.

After his discharge from the Army he pursued and attained a Bachelor's degree from Providence College and a Master's degree from Boston College extension in Providence.

He moved to the Washington, DC area and lived with his twin Romey and his family and started a career with the U.S. Government. He met Julia Russell and they were married on 11 June 1955. They had a son, Richard Paul Roussin, born on 14 September 1956. They lived in an apartment in Arlandria, Virginia and moved into their house in Vienna, Virginia in August of 1960. Wilfrid and Julie remained happily married until her death due to to a massive heart attack on 23 January 1985.

Most relatives affectionately called him Frid, whereas at work he was known as Wil or Will.

Wilfrid worked for many years in personnel for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, then later on for the Bureau of the Mint. He said the joke about "Do you have free samples?" got stale real fast. He was very active in his Catholic parish, Our Lady of Good Counsel, early on as a member of the Knights of Columbus, serving as an usher, teaching CCD to high school students, and later on as an Ecumenical minister both at Mass and to the sick.

Wilfrid also coached a little league team, was a Boy Scout leader, and volunteered for Christ House and S.O.M.E., programs that feed the less fortunate. He retired from the federal government in 1982.

Throughout his life Wilfrid was always a loving, giving person. His mild manner, pleasant disposition and disarming smile made him popular with those that knew him. His kindness, compassion and understanding were surpassed by no one. He always had a joke or antic to brighten one's day, even after years of battling Alzheimer's disease.

Children, especially little ones, brought a smile to his face and touched his heart. He always had time to brighten their day.

On 31 January 1986 Wilfrid remarried Margaret Mary (Peg) McElwee. They did much volunteer work with the church, enjoyed some traveling and remained happily married until his death due to cardiac arrest on 6 January 2013.

Please submit your memories or condolences regarding Wilfrid to me by e-mail at rroussin@yahoo.com . I will add them here in the near future.